Looking southwest accross the Missouri River from the bluffs of St. Joseph. This farm field, between current day Elwood, Kansas and the Missouri River, is the 1859 location of Elwood, K. T. before ‘The mighty MO’ melted it away.  Between the tractor and the dike on the right side of photo is the site of The Great Western Hotel where Mr. Lincoln slept.

Looking Northeast from where the Great Western Hotel was located in 1859 in Elwood, K. T., across the Missouri River at the St. Joseph, Missouri bluffs. The photo above was taken from just North of the two buildings center right.

Looking East accross the Missouri River at St. Joseph, Missouri, from the site of The Great Western Hotel, where Mr. Lincoln gave his Elwood, K. T, Talk.



Me, Larry Faulkner, walking through The Great Western Hotel looking for Mr. Lincoln.