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Kansas Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

  • The first church built in Atchison. Lincoln spoke here.

Methodist Church, Atchison, K. T.


Massosoit House, Atchison, Kansas

  • Illustration of the Massosoit House where Lincoln stayed while in Atchison.

1869 Birds eye view of the City of Atchison, Kansas

  • Colored lithograph of Atchison, Kansas in 1869

Atchison City Directory and Business Mirror 1859 to 1860

  • The first city directory published for Atchison, Kansas

1880 Birds eye view of Atchison, Kansas

  • A color lighograph of Atchison showing location of buildings, churches, schools, business, railroad and steamboats on the Missouri River

Dan Jacobson

Missouri Historical Topographic Maps

  • With dates of last survey.