Iatan, Missouri


John Dougherty located the town of Iatan about the time of the first white settlement in the county. J. O. Abbott and others settled there and in that vicinity soon afterwards in 1837 … (–p. 562.)

At one time it promised to be one of the most important places on the Missouri River, and was a large shipping point. The business of the town in general merchandise was done by A. G. Smith and J. A. Gittanger; the druggist was Dr. H. P. Grover. (–p. 1087.)

Iatan is located on Highway 45, south of Bean Lake and north of Weston. (–Map of Mo., 1974, Rand, McNally.)

Mail via Weston. (–Rand, McNally, 1974.)

A Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets Past and Present of Platte County, Missouri