a lincoln guide k. t. 1859

The Annals of Lincoln’s Doings in Kansas Territory

Wednesday, November 30th

St. Joseph, Mo. and Elwood, K.T.

Thursday, December 1st

Elwood, K.T., Wathena, K.T., Blair, KT., Troy, K.T. and Doniphan City, K.T.

Friday, December 2nd

Donipahn City, K.T. and Atchison, K.T

Saturday, December 3rd

Atchison, K.T., Sumner, K.T., Kickapoo City, K.T. and Leavenworth City, K.T

Sunday, December 4th

Leavenworth City, K.T.

Monday, December 5th

Leavenworth City, K.T.

Tuesday, December 6th

Leavenworth City, K.T.

Wednesday, December 7th

Leavenworth City, K.T., Beverly, Weston, Iatan, Rushville and St. Joseph, MO.

Area between Troy and Doniphan City, April 15, 2017 . . . what the country might have looked like in 1859.

January 17, 2018

View looking southwest from Doniphan City, Kansas towards Atchison, Kansas.

Looking North up the Missouri River at the Atchison, Kansas Missouri River Bridge.

Looking southwest across the Missouri River at the Leavenworth, Kansas Levee.

Looking North up the Missouri River from the same spot as above Photograph.

Looking East at the Leavenworth, Kansas Missouri River Bridge with two River Boats pushing barges up the River.

Same two River Boats farther up the River.

U S Coast Guard at Leavenworth Levee

Looking Northeast at the Missouri River Bridge at Leavenworth, December 18, 2016.  —-Minus 7 degrees below 0 the night before.  Look at all the ice in the river, still flowing, not frozen over like it was when Mr. Lincoln was here in 1859.

Restored 1860 Home on the Missouri River front in Leavenworth, Kansas,

December 18, 2016.